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Barbara Graf's

Anatomical Garments

“My own body serves as an object of investigation and as a subject of performative photography – hence both as perceiving and expressing body. The surfaces and substrates of these corporeal expressions are variously interpreted as graphic representations, photographs and short films, textile coverings and objects.”

Barbara Graf lives and works in Vienna, Austria and Winterthur, Switzerland. She is an artist and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, developing her doctoral thesis on the visualization of body perception.

Barbara’s work falls under art research which investigates the human body beyond the visible formations to the internal anatomical structure and forms of expression, and develops flexible sculptures as a second skin. Her first approach is manifested as body wrappings, creating sculptural emotional shells that simultaneously protect and expose the physical body. Another approach probes deeper to examine how physical sensations of subjective experiences can be visualized and amplified. A third approach is based on observation of bodies’ medical conditions and treatments, questioning and recording perceptions of physical and emotional vulnerability.

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