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Tracing Decay VR 360 Experience

This 360 video is a modified version of the full interactive simulation.

Produced by Art in Reverb
In Collaboration with Womb Tech

Featured Artists: 
Barbara Graf 
Huda Lutfi
Daniel Reidy ft. Greg Pond

Voice over: Camibee 

Environment Art: 
Hashem Amir
Nada Kardash  
Mohamed Lotfi  

3D Art: 
Hashem Amir  

2D Art:  Dina Saied 

UI designer:
Nada Kardash  
Stephan Panagiotidis

Production Manager: Nada Kardash 
Curated & Directed by: Nagla Samir

©️2021 In Reverb L.L.C. ALL RIGHTS  RESERVED

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